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AOL mail is a free web-based email and advertisement supported email services developed by Google in 2004. AOL has been using a search-oriented interface which is similar to a conversation view on an internet forum. AOL has been using Ajax by web developers. 

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An AOL support automatically scans all your email for multi purposes which include filtering of spam messages and malware and advertisements to emails and many stuff. It raises privacy concerns about the practices of concerns which include background scan of emails which sometimes raises the risk.

How AOL support will help you? 

Forgot your password? 

This is the most common issue faced by all users. So, in that case, all you have to do is open your AOL account settings and there you have to go to account settings and there you have to select reset your password by giving some answers to following questions and carry on to reset your password. Choose strong passwords that haven’t used yet with any of the accounts.

Change your AOL account? 

In this case, you have to log in to your AOL account and select your preferences of tabs which are at top of the page such as promotion. Labels, forums, social etc. and update after confirming your preferences.

Adding multiple accounts with AOL app? 

You can read and send mail from most of AOL addresses using AOL app in your Smartphone, including Hotmail, Yahoo etc. Instead of forwarding mail, you can add your AOL account. For this, you have to go on AOL app of your device and at the top, tap adds an account and add your another account details to use it in future.

AOL messages are missing? 

Some email is important to us.  By mistake or misunderstanding if a mail has been disappeared or email doesn’t receive any message then all you have to do is check whether mail is archived, deleted or marked as a spam. To search within less period of time, use search operator in AOL account.

Unwanted or suspicious email in an account? 

It is a thing that AOL Support does and that too in the most efficient and effective manner. If you are getting a malicious mail from unknown sources, then you have the option of spam emails so that all emails which are coming from unknown sources can be sent directly to a spam list.

Above are the common issues which can be faced by new users, AOL support services also provide an AOL Customer Number to look into your issues and try to resolve as soon as possible. 





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